This is just a short pictorial of our trip to Alaska.  I hope you will enjoy it.  You will see pictures from the Anchorage area.  They include pictures of a short walk that we took and of some glaciers, lakes, and wooded areas.  We were visiting some friends of ours who have lived in the area for some time.  All right, sit back and enjoy.


This is an example of a wooded area near our friend’s home.  You can see the one tree (it looks red) where a bear had ripped away the outside to get to some  food.  Notice the ground.  It is covered with a think layer of moss, some dead trees, and rocks, but you can’t see the rocks because the moss is soooo thick.


Farther along on our hike, we started to ascend an incline.  As you can see, the floor of the forest continues to be moss-covered, but there are some flowers that peek through.

We were invited to watch our friend’s home and family while they were away on business and a wedding of one of their family members.  There three children were really great.  They seldom fought, listened well, and showed us around their neighborhood.  You could tell they were used to walking because they would walk, run, and still have plenty of energy to do more.  It was quite fun watching them.


More of Alaska

Here are some more pictures of our time in Alaska.