Intro to FryGuys Sharing Site

Priesthood Restoration–Susquehanna River, New York

Hello one and all.  Welcome to the fryguys wordpress site.  This is a site where you can add pictures, written ideas or thoughts, and where you can share with the family.

Susquehanna River
Susquehanna River

The site is encrypted and secure, so that only you with your username and password  and others of our family can view, post (write something), and share  your stuff.

Please feel free to call me or email or text me if you have questions about how to use this site.  I, too, am still learning, so maybe we can learn together.  I am hoping that this can be a place of fun, learning and sharing.

Your Mom (grandma) and I (grandpa) are looking forward to viewing what you might write and share.  We love all of you very much and hope that we might come to know one-another better through this site.

A Visit to the LA Zoo

The LA Zoo is one of the places we like to take people when they come visit.  On this particular occasion, they had a dinosaur exhibit which the grandchildren really enjoyed.  Here are a few short videos for your viewing pleasure.

Dinosaur at the LA Zoo

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